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Crossjet Nozzle

Crossjet Nozzle

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Spin-Jet FR

The FR (Front Radial) model is designed for high pressure water jetting tubes and lines where perfect clean without any "stripes" is neccessary. The FR is specially designed for removal of any plugs and scale.The Front Radial model, which is directed to the front to cut the materials in the completely clogged tube like a milling cutter,

The FR model has a rotor with 4 jets

  • 2x 45° front cross cutting rotating for removal of any plugs
  • 2x 90° rotating radial for cleaning of the tube wall 

This nozzle is a "pushing nozzle" which means that for flex lance applications this model needs to be used in combination with a DERC nozzle driver (pusher unit). This turns it into a neutral or pulling nozzle.  

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